Christmas update for Helium 12.2 now available!

Helium 12.2 (build 14487) is now available.

This version contains the following improvements and fixes:

  • Conversion of audio files now supports multi-channel streams with down mixing when neccesary 
  • Album version available as a column 
  • Clear Play queue button available from all views 
  • Possibility to configure when the play counter shall be updated 
  • Possibility to remove unused root paths from the Update library tool 
  • Possibility to add new root paths to the Update library tool 
  • Possibility to hide/show the left navigation bar 
  • Edit artist is available as an optional shortcut command 
  • Updated Spanish language 
  • Play queue is saved more frequently to avoid data loss 
  • Repairing of missing ratings when the Optimize database command is executed 
  • Improvements to picture handling during add 
  • Bug fixes for the update checker 
  • Fixes for reported bugs

Download from:

We have also released updated versions of Helium Streamer and Helium Remote for iOS, available from the AppStore.

Parallell to the work with this version we are currently rewriting the playing engine to support mixer-based gapless playback and crossfading.
The most of it is working at the moment but it will most likely take a few days into 2017 until we will be able to release a beta version for testing.
If you are interested in pre-testing it, feel free to contact us at

We would also like to with all of our users a merry christmas and a happy new 2017!