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Add a stop button

Please add a stop button like we had in Helium 11, this would be easier and more intuitive than using the context-menu.

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 Well, pause act as a stop button.

No, it does act as a pause button...


Just to refresh my mind, what's the need (your need) of having an specific stop button?

First of all, most times I want to listen to the whole track when clicking on play - only when pausing for a short time, I want to continue at the same position.

Also the file will remain locked while the track is paused.

So it is mainly for de-locking the file, to be able to actually release the file?

No, that's just a side-effect.
It's mainly to start the track again from the beginning when clicking on the play button.

Ah, I see. We will do some tests how this can be definied the best way. It relates to some other planned things also.

Yes Sven, you are right.
Restarting an already playing song is not as easy as it should be, The only way is clicking in the very beggining of the waveform, which is not an elegant way to do it.


This is implemented in our upcoming beta. 

If you are interesting in testing it now already, please contact us.

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