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Formatting codes are shown in album review

 I'm already testing version 12.2.14487, but this problem was already present in previous version. Clicking in "remove formatting" also doesn't help.

I'm now attaching a picture. It seems that when inserting an image my post is not sent.

(83.6 KB)

How can this be reproduced?

Please let us know about all relevant steps.


In album view I chose an aleatory album, album details, 3 dots, edit album review and included the word "test". So I didn't copy from other sources that can have formatting included.

The result is attached.

Nothing specific have to be done, it seems that all included reviews will look that way.

(9.18 KB)

 And after deleting "test", all other characters stay there.

Bug confirmed, thanks for reporting

Fixed in the upcoming beta

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