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Template manager - rename tool

I have no idea, how to load an old template... There are only two buttons on "edit templates" - "delete" and "save", there's no option to "load" or "use" a template...

It would be great, if we could get a template manager where we can create names for each template.
Although the templates should be ordered by name in this manager.

A list like this is hard to read:

\\HTPC\Musik_01\Alben\{{Albumartist-so}}\{{releaseyear}} - {{album}}{ ({albumsubtitle})}{ [{albumversion}]}\{{track(2)}}. {{title}}{ ({subtitle})}{ [{remix}]}

\\HTPC\Musik_01\Alben\{{Albumartist-so}}\{{releaseyear}} - {{album}}{ ({albumsubtitle})}{ [{albumversion}]}\{{cd}'}{{track(2)}}. {{title}}{ ({subtitle})}{ [{remix}]}
\\HTPC\Musik_01\OSTs\{{Albumartist-so}}\{{releaseyear}} - {{album}}{ ({albumsubtitle})}{ [{albumversion}]}\{{cd}'}{{track(2)}}. {{title}}{ ({subtitle})}{ [{remix}]}
\\HTPC\Musik_01\OSTs\{{Albumartist-so}}\{{releaseyear}} - {{album}}{ ({albumsubtitle})}{ [{albumversion}]}\{{track(2)}}. {{title}}{ ({subtitle})}{ [{remix}]}
\\HTPC\Musik_01\Maxis\{{Albumartist-so}}\{{releaseyear}} - {{album}}{ ({albumsubtitle})}{ [{albumversion}]}\{{track(2)}}. {{title}}{ ({subtitle})}{ [{remix}]}

This list would be much easier to read:
Album - 1 disc
Album - 2 discs
OSTs - 1 disc
OSTs - 2 discs

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Sorry, I've just seen, that you're working on the template manager in the latest testing build...
Great to see!!! Thumbs up. ;-)

Any news or time schedule for this request?

Although an option to remove a template would be great...

I do have a lot of rules, too. The examples I made in the initial post are just a fraction of my complete rules-set. ;-)

Sven, you understood me well. Thanks. I have various rules for different types of album so it was easier to select the right one when they were named. 

We have marked this request as "Planned". It is not yet scheduled but the idea is to at least allow for setting a name on a template, just like in previous releases of Helium.

Well, it's quite as possible, that I misunderstood Colin... ;-)

Aha, I missunderstood it, I thought he refered to some mising command to achive a complex result.

This means what I explained in the first post.

In Helium 11, you could create templates and give them names. When I try to load a template, I don't see the template itself, but it's name.

@Colin: "What I miss the most is the ability to assign a name to the complex structure." can you please give us an example of what this mean in more detail?

I agree. I liked the old method better. The graphical way of building up the path was easier to understand than the new strings. What I miss the most is the ability to assign a name to the complex structure. 

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