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Mark the current release type in "set release type"

It would be nice, when the current release type would be marked in the context menu's "set release type".

This cannot be supported properly, since we will add support for multiple-selections to this function.

I think that's just one more reason to implement this feature.

In this case it would be necessary to mark the release-type of all releases.

And when I select multiple releases and see, that there's not only "Undefined" marked (or whatever release-type I'd expect), but also another one, I can double-check, if I had selected the correct releases.

When implemented for multiple releases it can be strange and really unwanted behaviours. Assume the following:

1) Album A has release type EP

2) Album B has release type Album

3) Album C has release type Maxi

4) Select all albums, open the content menu

This would now show that EP, Album and Maxi are selected on the menu. All fine so far.

5) With all items still selected, click EP

What data shall now be stored to the selected albums? 

To reflect the UI, release type Album and  Maxi, since EP was deselected.

These release types would then be applied to the selected albums, something that's not wanted, nor possible.

Only one release-type per album (file actually) can be set, so cumbersome scenarios will appear when this is visualized.

In this case, EP will be stored for all of the selected releases.

The checkmarks indicate what is stored for the releases right now, not what shall be stored for them in the next step...

I think needs to be tested, it might result in an ambigious and unexpected behaviour for the end user.

I don't think so, I wouldn't expect any other thing to happen.

Wherever you have these checkmarks, they indicate the actual setting (q.e. right sidebar, equalizer).

>>they indicate the actual setting (q.e. right sidebar, equalizer).

Absolutely, but when you click a checkmarked item, it's status toggles.

Here's the opposite, if an item is checkmarked and clicked, all other items will be "unchecked" and this will remain checked.

It kind of crashes the UX, but might work.

I'm not home right now, so I can't check, but doesn't the menu show "enable equalizer" / "disable equalizer". So there's no "toggling" but executing the command...

No, the menu command says "Equalizer active" and shows a checkbox.

Anyway, it might be worth to test if your suggestion works depending on the amount of work, since it may help to correct batches of release types quickly.

Implemented in the next beta version.

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