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Helium is losing artist thumbnails

All artists with at least 50 tracks have a picture attached.

Sometimes when I start Helium, there are multiple thumbnails missing. The picture itself is still there.

The thumbnails are still missing after a restart, I have to re-add them manually.

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@Infusion: If you still have this issue and would like to try the most recent version, please open a support ticket.

Just to say that I had realized of this problem but I had no clue why it happened, so I couldn't reproduce it.
Fixed in the next beta. Thank You.

No hurry, but please open a support ticket for it since I think it might be file/tag depenant and we should avoid sharing that kind of data in this forum. :)

I will need to take a closer look into that, but I most probably won't make it today. ;-)

I did it, but the thumbnail remains for me.

You need to restart Helium to see the missing thumbnail.

I have tried to reproduce it as described, here's a full list of all steps I did:

1) Created a new database

2) Added d:\_support\old (containing one file from artist A)

3) Changed to artists view, attached a picture to the artist

4) Added a new folder, d:\_support\new (containing one file from Artist A)

5) Artist picture was still there

6) From Windows Explorer added another file into d:\_support\new from Artist A

7) From Music Explorer > Library, right clicked the _new folder and choosed Update folder

8) File was added

9) Artist picture remains

None of the files has pictures in tags.

Please open a support ticket with your exact steps (if I missed something in my steps above) as well as example files for which this issue can be reproduced.

OK, here we go:

1. Add a new file from an artist with attached picture to a folder of your database (no pictures in the tags)
2. Select that folder in music explorer->library
3. Now select to update that folder
4. Restart Helium
---> The artist has lost it's thumbnail.

Only tested with MariaDB 10.1.9.

By the way: what exactly  is "HasPicture" in tblartist good for?
All entries in my database show NULL in that column...
I expected it to be set to 1 (true), if a picture is attached to an artist...

I will do so.

By the way, here's also the mentioned "attached image"...

I ran some automated as well as some manual tests trying to reproduce this - unfortunately with no luck.

Most likely it is related to some specific operation performed in combination with specific data.

Please try to identify a reproduction pattern for it and open a new support ticket, include possible files needed to reproduce the issue as well as pictures/data needed to reproduce the issue.


>> Is the picture paths still set in the database? (tblArtists table)

Yes, but HasPicture is set to Null... see the attached image.

>> How can this be reproduced?

I'm not sure right now, what I did the last time before starting Helium today was updating a folder with new files, updating some releases with new file-types and tagging multiple files.

I guess this might be related to the (general) update process, since it seems that this only applies to artists with new tracks.

How can this be reproduced?

Is the picture paths still set in the database? (tblArtists table)

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