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Replay gain + Vorbis/FLAC files + special characters

I have some trouble calculating replay gain for multiple files when some special characters are used in filenames.

For example ć or ★ are causing problems.

For FLAC files those characters will also result in "Files with errors" when analyzing the files, though the file itself is perfectly good (retested after removing the problematic characters).

Can you please share a full path+filename which will generate this issue?

For example:
\\HTPC\Musik_01\Comps\Bravo Hits\28\1'06. A★Teens - Super Trouper [Radio Version].flac
\\HTPC\Musik_01\neues\Bravo Hits 26\1'10. Tarkan - Şıkıdım (Hepsi Senin mi) [radio mix].flac
\\HTPC\Musik_01\neues\Bravo Hits 59\2'09. Sandra Nasić - Fever.flac

Can you please try if this relates to files on an UNC path only?

I tried with d:\music\1'06. A★Teens - Super Trouper [Radio Version].flac, which worked fine in both gain caluclation and analysing.

Well, even on a local drive, it doesn't work for me, whenever there's a ★ in the path or filename.

Have a look at the three screenshots, it's the same file in all three cases...

I will create a ticket, so you can try with that file.

OK, I found the problem. It's not Helium's fault, but Windows'.

To get it working I need to enable creating of short filenames. That's odd, since this should normally be enabled by default.

If you have this problem you need to open an administrative shell and use this command:

fsutil.exe behavior set disable8dot3 0 %drive%


For more information please read this microsoft help page:

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