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i can't minimize helium during the update process


the minimize button is not showed in the windows dialog which display the remaining step during the update library (see my screencap)  whereas it is really working fine in the add dialog.

so, i can't minimize the helium 12.3 application on windows 7 x64

have a good day

(166 KB)

hello, i have a little thing to add.
in fact the button appeared in step 5 !! so why not in step 4 or before ?
there are also long process too in step 1-4...which request minimizing the application.


Steps 1-4 are non cancellation steps and these steps are time intenstive since they involve:

1) Locating files based on your selection

2) Reading meta data from all files

3) Creating entries in the database

4) Calculate and create albums based on mixed logic

Since Helium collects and automates much data based on tags and the requirements is to keep it in the database, the steps will always takes time.

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