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after cancelling an add operation to library, the lib is altered (so no cancel)


in another bug i told you there is a long process :

so finally, i ended it, canceled using your CANCEL  button but after that, there are bugs :

- my library have changes. i can see new albums-releases added (whereas i canceled the add!). : compare the counter in image1 and image2

- them, the window gauge in task bar is still running (filling liek the percent counter)  : you can see that in my screencap image1

(105 KB)
(253 KB)

This is a known issue which we warn for in the documentation.

Helium has worked like this since long, but we are reviewing an improvement of this. The biggest issue with having a proper rollback function depends on how far you have come in the adding process, since this might affect speed (much).

How about making "backup copies" of all tables?

That's why I mentioned that performance is an issue - doing this on a database with over 100k items will create a performance dip

This will be improved/fixed in the upcoming release.

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