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Changing the rating

Well... I like the looks of the 12.x version, but I'm finding it a challenge to learn some of the new basic workflows!
The immediate one is... how the heck can I set the rating for a file from the playlist? The context right menu doesn't show anything and hot keys don't seem to work either (neither the playlist nor the player).


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 YAY! You have added this (very quickly) back in 12.3. This is greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome to Helium,

If you work with a Playlist from the playlist view, you can change the rating for the selected tracks via the right-click context menu.

If you refer to the Play queue, the current queue where your playing tracks are placed, it will not contain this menu.

Instead you can use the rating star-bar in the embedded player to rate the track currently being played.

Hope this helps.

Ah yeah... it is the play queue.
Seems odd. What typically happens is that I queue up a bunch of music and play it. Needless to say, I don't click to rate each song immediately. Instead, I review them and mark the ones that stood out.
Seems that is not possible without creating a playlist or some other intermediary step first.
Is there any rational for this decision? It feels to me that having a context menu for the currently select song(s) should be universal across the system instead of in select areas.

Thank you for responding quickly. I'm really trying to stay in 12 and I don't want to run two versions!

The function has been implemented like this since Helium 12 was released and we have previously (what I can remember) not got any requests that the rating context menu was "missing".

So this is of course something that can be added for a future version.

Thanks for your input.


 YAY! You have added this (very quickly) back in 12.3. This is greatly appreciated.

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