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Showing and Editing Wrong Tracks (Make in Untrustable)

my Ver is 12.3
Sometimes I see Software show wrong Data for some music
for Example
an Album have 2 Song, A and B
I Tag these two with A and B
But after a while, when I come back and play A, i hear B and B for A
Wrong Data, it make software unreliable and untranslatable
I go back to Ver.11 until next update


Which version does this relate to and how can it be reproduced?

Please send us reproduction information and if necessary involved files (if so over

We have performed the earlier mentioned tests which works with no issue.

To all:

Please always be sure to include reproduction information for your posts otherwise we will only be able to perform general tests which may miss a specific case that's needed for the reproduction and thus we will not be able to give more than a "basic" answer.

More information can be found in the fourm rules:

If tagged track numbers are incorrect to files, tag editor will show tracks in incorrect order to file name.

If some of the album files have cd number or total cd info they will be on wrong order..

If the above happens when scrolling down tracks, one at a time, the file name at top will be out of order to whats on filesystem

so instead of 1.mp3, 2.mp3, 3.mp3 etc.  It could be 3.mp3 1.mp3, 2.mp3

When that happens if you edit tags, which will be out of order, then click ok sometimes it appears to write info back to filesystem order instead of tag editor order which don't match

A similar thing if tracks don't start with number they will be listed alphabetically. So tag track numbers maybe e.g.5,3,1,2,4 down the list but if you then sort on track number 1 through 5 click on ok it seems to still write tags to files in order they were originally loaded 1 to A, 2 to B, 3 to C.

Sorry if makes little sense bit hard to explain.

If this happens I clear CD number and total data, then reload to make sure tag editor loads them in correct filename order.  If in alphabetical order then edit file names, manually putting correct track number at beginning. Again making sure tag editor loads them in correct order.

Obviously above only happens if files are poorly named or tagged (which I have a lot of)

One more correction for this is now available (an early pre-release version).

Sven identified a case where this could happen so it is now corected.

If anyone need access to this version, please contact us via:

It shall also handle cases with "bad/incorrect" tags

I had many problems with my Helium12
turns out that my Win7 was not SP1
after I installed SP1 and my more updates
"move", "copy" and many other features start to working
but this "Wrong Tag Bug" is still remaining

@Digiraiter Agumon:

Please see above. We have identified and corrected one new case which is not yet released. 

But just as you said, your machines setup was one of the main reasons that Helium 12 did not worked for you.

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