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Showing and Editing Wrong Tracks (Make in Untrustable)

my Ver is 12.3
Sometimes I see Software show wrong Data for some music
for Example
an Album have 2 Song, A and B
I Tag these two with A and B
But after a while, when I come back and play A, i hear B and B for A
Wrong Data, it make software unreliable and untranslatable
I go back to Ver.11 until next update

We have now made several tests with Carl's data and files and could find out that the files contained tags with incorect contents, but we were not able to reproduce the exact problem when a tagging phase from Helium would break any tags.

The good thing is that we have hopefully also found a solution where it works for Carl, so we now consider this issue solved.

If anyone else can reproduce similar issues, please let us know.

Thanks Carl
I managed to reproduce the bug on my PC too
my PC is Win764bit and different from your Win10
yet same problem



The reason for Carls issue related to his database as well as what existed in his tags.

We could not see the exact error you were getting in your movie, but we recorded a similar screencast illustrating that this works.

In short this was what we did:

1) Selected all files from an album

2) Opened the Tag editor

3) Sorted tracks by clicking the track column

4) Filled in subtitle in descending order for each track when the list was sorted. Please note that you can see which file that is being edited at the top (it is prefixed with the track number)

5) Saved the changed

6) The subtitle was properly visualised after tagging in the track list (you can see the track number in a column to the left of the subtitle column, #)

7) Opened the tagged files with the Tag editor

Result: Subtitle and Track number were in sync. No data were lost after tagging.


If you still experience a problem in your workflow we need to get a copy of your database as well as the files involved in your reproduction to be able to test this in detail, as we did for Carl.

Please contact us at if you need any further assistance.

sorry, but i forgot what file is contain DB
would you tell me?


If you are using the default database type (SqlCompact), it will be located in:

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Imploded Software\Helium 12\Databases

It's name is default.sdf or a similar name.

If tagged track numbers are incorrect to files, tag editor will show tracks in incorrect order to file name.

If some of the album files have cd number or total cd info they will be on wrong order..

If the above happens when scrolling down tracks, one at a time, the file name at top will be out of order to whats on filesystem

so instead of 1.mp3, 2.mp3, 3.mp3 etc.  It could be 3.mp3 1.mp3, 2.mp3

When that happens if you edit tags, which will be out of order, then click ok sometimes it appears to write info back to filesystem order instead of tag editor order which don't match

A similar thing if tracks don't start with number they will be listed alphabetically. So tag track numbers maybe e.g.5,3,1,2,4 down the list but if you then sort on track number 1 through 5 click on ok it seems to still write tags to files in order they were originally loaded 1 to A, 2 to B, 3 to C.

Sorry if makes little sense bit hard to explain.

If this happens I clear CD number and total data, then reload to make sure tag editor loads them in correct filename order.  If in alphabetical order then edit file names, manually putting correct track number at beginning. Again making sure tag editor loads them in correct order.

Obviously above only happens if files are poorly named or tagged (which I have a lot of)

Sorry also forgot, all files already in database. Also tried using script to delete all tags from the files and start over. Re-installing helium has not helped either..

my Windows is 7



This is nothing we are aware of nor have been able to reproduce during our test phases.

We would like to know more about this possible issue so that we can correct it, can you please let us know which:

1) File formats this relates to

2) Database type you are using (if you have changed)

3) Any possible other reproduction information that can help

If you would not to share any details officially, please open a support ticket from:

Also, please note that Helium 11 is no longer supported and can have issues on Win10.

>>my Windows is 7

Please still not that Helium 11 is no longer supported and any possible issues with it cannot be corrected.

If possible, please let us know more about this issue so it can be solved in Helium 12.

Thanks in advance.

We just did a test of this scenario the following way:

1) Tagged an album with two files as described, title for the first track was set to A and for the second to B

2) Played the album, both files were shown with proper meta data during the playback

3) Restarted Helium and performed step 2 again, no issues were located

The test was performed with both MP3 and FLAC files as separated test sessions.

Please let us know which steps you performed when this happens.

Tagging Problem

I made a short video above showing that tags and ordering are correct to the specific files and then the results in windows explorer... This happens when selecting via album edit, My computer and from within artist/all tracks  It shows single album getting messed up but I have same issue editing double albums at same time except errors cross over between the two.

  I will, as soon as I can, try through my laptop to see if problem related to to my PC only. Although I have now idea what that could be... Hi seems like my post disappeared.. video above hopefully shows correct tagging to correct files and the results in windows explorer. This happens whether in my computer, album edit and artist/all tracks. If editing a double CD then tag names and CD numbers will cross over between discs. As soon as I can I will try ending from my laptop to see if there is a problem specific with PC. Although wouldn't like to guess what that could be...

Hi was this resolved?  I have same problem,,,  Its seems as if file system (WIN10) sort order and helium tag editor sort order do not agree. So when writing tags helium appears to ignore file name and follows incorrect sort order which causes CD number and or track names go to wrong files?  Some albums OK some Not. This is the same with MariaDB and sqlexpress 13.  Tried to go back to helium 11 but complains it cannot update database.

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