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When you Scroll in music Explorer, it Jump

My Ver is 12.3
Windows 7
when i select a Folder in Music Explorer and edit tags inside it
the File menu jump down
and when i try to scroll it up, it suddenly jump too high and have to scroll it down again
that's what i call (it's on my nerve) for a UI

This is something we are working with in improving, thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately this will not make it to Helium 12.4. But we have started to rewrite the entire Music Explorer to support a less jump, more exact and quicker interface.

The progress has come quite far and it will include support for new roots (album collections) and fields (music key, album version amongst others).

This improvement will be included in Helium 12.5.

Implemented for the next major version No ETA on the release date yet.

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