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Useless Paths with duplicate maker tracks

 I have 2 way to bring some of my music to use

D:Zone is one way




is another

also i have some



that i can't remove
it's not only a path problem
when i play music, i have a track for each of these and the sync between these two is not trustable

This issue is database specific and has not been possible to reproduce with a clean databases, nor databases that are confirmed working.

To be able to assist you further we need a copy of your database and analyse, which you need to open a support ticket for as earlier reuested,.

the bug are too much for a final software, it's more like a Beta to me
but I'm sure there is something we both missed and may make problem
right now, must troublemaker bug is what switch name of tracks that lead to tag tracks wrong and after a while it will change and you have tracks that are taged as each other
i make a ticket for that and try to make as much info as i can for you to fix it

Thanks for the screenshots.

It looks to me that something is not correct with your database.

I would suggest that you open a support ticket for this so that we can assist you further (

This is not a general bug.

as you can see these path are useless and weired
also there are some tracks i moved and helium can't play
yet when i update library, nor this path remove nor those unavailable tracks

Which view/tool does this relate to?

Can you please attach a screenshot?

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