Updates for Helium 12.3 and Streamer 3 now available!

News and fixes in Helium 12: 

  • New function: Remove duplicate tracks from playlist, invoked via context menu 
  • New language, Italian 
  • Reduced and optimized memory consumption when loading many files with attached pictures to the Tag editor 
  • Possibility to rate tracks from the context menu in the Play queue view 
  • Optimizations for calculating of user fields, this will give better performance in (large) track lists 
  • Improvements for cancellation of an add operation. It is now possible to cancel the operation at any time, plus that proper cleanup will be performed if the operation is cancelled 
  • Improvements and fixes when creating and restoring MySql databases 
  • Playback from tools works fully again 
  • Corrections to submission time for play counter and Last.fm 
  • Fixes for album handling and album subtitles 
  • Corrections for add to album collection from various views 
  • Updated language files (Netherlands, Belgium) 
  • Corrections to load picture from tags from Release details 


News and fixes in Streamer 3:

  • Translation support and Swedish language added 

Click here to download Helium 12.3

Click here to download Streamer 3.1

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