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CTRL+WIN+LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW doesn't work (window move)

CTRL+WIN+LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW to move Helium window to another monitor doesn't work. I don´t know if it is a bug, since it works with every other applications but Helium.

I have never tested this myself until you mentioned it, but it works with NONE of my applications including Helium (Win10)...

I'm in Windows 7 x64. But it's wird anyway since it seems that it works the same in Windows 10:


 Weird, since it seems that it should work in Windows 10 either.

Most odd, I cannot get it to work on any of my three Win10 machines. I wonder if it is some additional feature that needs to be installed.

I'm on Windows 10 and Ctrl-Win-Left or Ctrl-Win-Right are used to switch between desktops (I know this feature isn't supported in Windows 7). If you only have one desktop nothing will happen when pressing these keyboard shortcuts. You can modify desktops in Windows 10 using this action in the toolbar:


To move windows between screens you just use Win-Left or Win-Right. This should work in Windows 7 also, if I recall correctly.

No, in Windows 7 Win-Left or Win-Right is for half left or half right the screen.

Yes, that's right. It works the same in Windows 10. You can toggle between snap to left/right and "normal" window mode with Win-Left/Win-Right. You can also go to window fullscreen with Win-Up.

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