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Synchronize releases with smartphone

What I would like to do:

  • Synchronize releases (tracks) with my smartphone.

What would be needed:

  • On PC: at least Helium 12, maybe Helium Streamer 3
  • On Android: Helium Streamer app, a new Helium Sync app or a new Helium Player app

How would this be possible (a quick'n'dirty draft):

  • In Helium 12:We need some options, like "Convert synced files to format xyz", "Use replay gain" ("Cache path")
  • A new function "Sync to device" / "Remove from device", which will mark releases (maybe also tracks?) to be synced / removed
    --> The files should be converted in the background into the cache
    ?? Or would it be better to convert files on the fly during synchronization ??
  • Synced releases could be marked by a small overlay icon (yellow -> marked to sync, green -> synced to device, red -> marked to remove from device)

In database:

  • A new table is needed: tblsynctrack_x_user:
    SynctrackXUserPK | User_ID | Detail_ID | Status
    Status: 1 -> marked to sync, 2 -> ready to sync (the file has been converted), 3 -> synced (the file is on the device), 4 -> marked to remove from device

In the app:

  • When the app connects, it asks for old tracks to remove and new tracks to sync.

Would an offline mode for playlists in the Helium Streamer app for Android be sufficient?

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No, since I don't use playlists to re-build my releases, this wouldn't help a lot.
But if I could (de-)select releases to be "offline available", this would be helpful.

What I would need:
  • set the data-folder to my sd-card
  • define some kind of folder structure: {{albumartist-so|Various Artists}}\{{releaseyear}} - {{album}}{ ({albumsubtitle})}{ [{albumversion}]}\{{cd}'}{{track(2)}}. {{artist(48)}} - {{title(64)}}{ ({subtitle(64)})}{ [{remix}]}
  • apply replay gain: none, track or album

What I would like:
  • select the format the files are transcoded into before pulling onto the device
  • when outside of a WLAN: select wether to make offline available immediately or when back on WLAN
The idea is good but Sync to a device didn't work in the past. Sync to a folder would be enough for me.


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