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Bug in latest streamer plus two other issues


I just updated to the latest version of streamer 3. (version

When logging to the webpage it shows user as undefined.

Had to rollback to the oldet version and usernames showed as they should.

Also was trying to use IIS reverse proxy for URL rewrite. 

Otherwise everything works perfectly but search function is messed up. 

No matter what I search for it keeps showing first few tens of rows in my database. 

Also sometimes there are tracks that play fine via browser but phone streamer app

freezes for a few seconds and displays "error playing track"

It would be nice if you added more extensive logging to find out whats the case.

I haven't figured out whats the problem. The error files are basic 320 kbps mp3 files.

Otherwise I have been very happy with the new version 12 of helium music manager and streamer 3. 

Keep up the good work. 

Best regards, 

Tuukka Saksman

(18.9 KB)


Helium Streamer is the latest release available. Could you please download this release and try again?


Thank you for a quick response. 

Sadly the problem still persists with this version as well, 

User is still "undefined"


Hi again,

Please uninstall Helium Streamer from Add/Remove programs. Then please download another new release:

Does this give the same error?


Still the same problem. 

If it helps I'm using SQL Server 2014 as my database and music manager is the latest (updated today)


Sounds like we may need to have a look at your database. Can you please create a ticket for this?

The user showing as undefined was after all caused by the browsers cache. 

I did a fresh database and the problem still persisted. Booted both Helium server and SQL server. 

Finally cleared the cache from Chrome which fixed the issue. 

Thank you for your support. 


Glad to hear it worked out!

We have a plan to implement something in the Streamer that will avoid caching issues for an upcoming release.

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