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Find duplicates - Specific folder not returning any results

When using 'Find duplicates' and selecting 'Specific folder' no results are returned. I have tried with Local and UNC paths.

You can replicate this by creating a new folder, copy the same mp3 twice in to it but use a different file name for one, add it to the library, choose newly created folder in find duplicates - specific folder. No results are found. 

OS: Windows 10

Helium Premium build: 12.3.14593.0 

We could unfortunately not reproduce this, tested with Win10, Helium 12.3.14593.

Folder contents:


Results in Helium:


In the screenshot of Helium you do not have 'Specific folder' selected. Entire Library works fine, but when I select the radio button 'Specific Folder' under 'Find duplicates in' on the right then click search no results come back.

Sorry, I was too quick, I will retest.

Issue reproduced, we will test this further.

Thanks for reporting.

This issue has now been resolved.

If you are interested in testing it, please contact us via

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