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Tracks always cut out and pause

 Hi all,

I know this is not some issue with the product because it would be a non starter if it was.  I cannot play a single track though without at least some pauses and cut outs.  This has been going on for months but I haven't really used it much so didn't care.  Now I want to solve it so here goes.

I used a read/write test tool below to make sure I am getting decent bandwidth, my music collection is 100 percent flac all on an enterprise SAN.  I haven't upped the QOS because you can see it's good and it cuts out when not one thing is happening other than Helium playing a track. 

This has to be something in my infrastructure, my network card, jitter, latency, something but honestly it all looks fine to me.  So is there something I can do as a test?  Is there a buffering scheme I can adjust?  Not that it probably matters but I am using SQL server as the music db and it's on SSD's. 

Thanks for anything you can provide to help me figure this out a little easier!


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Will the audio play OK if the files are placed on a local drive?

Depending on that result you can try to change/update your audio driver and increase buffering to see it it helps.

Personally I use a quite slow Synology Nas for storing my files (mixture of FLAC and MP3s) and have no similar issues.

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