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Album Release Type

Database: MariaDB 10.1
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 (Creators Update)
Helium Premium 12.4.14622.0

In Split view/Artist -  Selecting album or albums and changing release type does nothing. 

In Thumbnails/Artist it works fine.

Tried with several artist/album selections


Thanks for reporting this Carl.

We will analyse this further.

Just to add appears all or most editing does not work in the same mode.

Also changing Release Type in thumbnails/artist appears to reset release year to 0 and total track to -1.

So if i tag the albums add then add to database and change Release type I have to re tag again changing release date and track totals... Recording year is still there and all other data seems intact. Not every album is affected multi cd appears ok  but 90 - 95% fail.

Ok, was sending a ticket about the same issue a few seconds before ... :) Think i have the same problem.


I have a flac release, where Helium will not safe my edit.

- Drag files into folder (Synthatiger/Turbo Drive (2017)

- Go to Helium and sync database (only my folder Single/Maxi/EP)

- Go to the new release

- STRG + A, right-click and go to ATE

- Edit Release Type (Maxi/Single), Label (Future 80's Records), Genre (Electronic;  80s; Dreamwave; Synth-Pop), Release Year (2017), CD (1), CD at all (1), Track at all (8), Media (Digital)

- Click on the "Lock Icon" on all edited fields

- Click on Apply to all

- Only the first file have all tags

This is fixed and verified working in our upcoming build.


We have located and corrected this issue. It could also relate to other tools if multiselect was active and no/only one albums were selected.

If you are interested in testing a test version, please contact us at:


Your case does not seem to be related to this specific view, it seems to be file related.

We will analyse and test this further and answer you via the support ticket you sent us.

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