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picture handling


Something has changed between 12.2 to 12.3 in picture handling.
When adding new albums the pictures put into Helium folder with {albumartist} – {year} – {album}.
Result was: Billy Idol – 1983 – Rebel yell.jpg
Under 12.3 is looks different like this {{albumartist}} – {{year}} - {{album}} but the result is
Billy Idol –  – Rebel yell.jpg or Billy Idol – 0 – Rebel yell.jpg or some different other strange variations. With the same options – a different and not wanted result is showing up.

Which tags does your file(s) in your example contains?

Does it have release year and/or recording year?

yes, the files have a release year and a recording year!!!!!!

We will do further tests related to this to see if we can find something.

Improvements to this will be available in our next release.

OK ... I will check with next release ....


If you want an early beta, please contact us at

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