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picture handling


Something has changed between 12.2 to 12.3 in picture handling.
When adding new albums the pictures put into Helium folder with {albumartist} – {year} – {album}.
Result was: Billy Idol – 1983 – Rebel yell.jpg
Under 12.3 is looks different like this {{albumartist}} – {{year}} - {{album}} but the result is
Billy Idol –  – Rebel yell.jpg or Billy Idol – 0 – Rebel yell.jpg or some different other strange variations. With the same options – a different and not wanted result is showing up.

If you want an early beta, please contact us at

OK ... I will check with next release ....


Improvements to this will be available in our next release.

We will do further tests related to this to see if we can find something.

yes, the files have a release year and a recording year!!!!!!

Which tags does your file(s) in your example contains?

Does it have release year and/or recording year?

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