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New files get a 5-star-rating

When updating (a part of) my database, all new files get a 5-star-rating. None of the files have a rating stored in the database.

Which exact version are you using?

If you are using a version released later than the most recent official beta, please open a support ticket for this since that will require special handling.

I'm running build 14636 right now, but I'm pretty sure it has been a problem since the beta release. But I will open a ticket anyway...


Thanks. Be sure to include one or a few sample files which can be used during reproduction. I did some sample tests myself and it did not resulted in any 5-star ratings..

OK, I will add some sample files later today...


My mistake, it's not the update process that will add the 5-star-rating.
It's been caused by scripts, when used on files, which are not part of the database.


Issue located and corrected for the upcoming build.

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