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Music Explorer

Database: MariaDB 10.1
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 (Creators Update)
Helium Premium 12.4.14648.0


     Removing an Album/Folder from Music Explorer/Library using "Remove from Library and Computer only removes from Computer..  To  remove from library I then have to update folder.


Hi Carl,

Can you please try to select the parent folder of the folder your removed (e.g. d:\music\album was removed, then select d:\music or d:\).

After that collapse the folder, and with the folder selected, press CTRL+F5.

Now try to expand the folder to see if it was removed.

Will this help?

No Luck with that, still have to update folder

Hi Carl,

We have tested this with three different databases, one of each supported kind, but it works like it should (with the above mentioned fix applied).

Which database type are you using?

Which full path is it that you are trying to delete?

MariaDB 10.1

I use network address for filess to share with other with laptop :-

\\ADVENT-PC\My Music\TTT\Thin Lizzy\2008 - UK Tour 75

None network link would be :-

M:\My Music\TTT\Thin Lizzy\2008 - UK Tour 75

The database and Helium are on the same PC, if that helps

If you create a new Sql Compact database and add this folder to, and the delete it, will the error still happen?

If so, can you please open a support ticket and share a copy of the database with us (before deleteing the foder) so that we can test this further?

You can open the support ticket from:

Fixed in next release.

This issue was related to two things, extra backlashes that could appear in a path, plus incorrect escaping of the [ (SqlCompact and SqlServer only)

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