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Worng selection when extracting artists

HMM12 Version 14648


the issue occurs when I'm editing album tracks:

- with F2 I changed the artist from "Mavis Staples" to "Mavis Staples & Keb' Mo'"

- I edited all the others tracks as well

- then I selected the track with Keb' Mo' again and I clicked on (...) to extract the artists

- HMM shows (and uses) "Mavis Staples & Mavis & Jeff Tweedy", i.e. data which was entered in the last track

Then I stopped track editing and saved the current status and opened the album again for editing. Now extract artists works as expected. 




We tried to reproduce this issue as described, but could not force this to happen. Our results looks like this:

1) Starting artist was Mavis Stables when the Tag editor opened

2) Selected the field, pressed F2 and changed it to Mavis Staples & Keb' Mo'

3) Clicked (...) to open the multiple artist editor, extracted the artists. The result looks like this:


We suspect that this may relate to specific contents in our tags. To be able to analyse this further we would like you to share a few files from this release with us so that we an analyse this with the exact same data as you have. Please avoid to share files over the forum, so please open a support ticket for this.


Please retest with 12.4 RC, just released.

If the issue remains, please open a support ticket as requested above for further assistance with this.

User retested it with 12.4 RC and it is no longer reproducible.

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