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Option to move cache-folder

By default the streamer-cache is at "c:\ProgramData\imploded software\Helium Streamer\TranscodeCache".

Since SSDs are getting more and more common and this cache can become very large, this might cause problems.

It would be great to get a simple way to move the cache to a user-specified folder.

We plan to support setting a specific folder for the transcoding root path in an upcoming release.

We have this feature in the backlog but it was a bit down-prioritized. We have raised the prio on it so it will show up sooner rather than later. :) No exact time plan can be shared at this moment.

hi, make a partition, don't assign a Letter to this but a path to c: \ ProgramData \ imploded software \ Helium Streamer \ TranscodeCache.

I've got the same situation now, therefore I added a symlink for now. No Problem so far

Any chance to lay my hands on this feature in the near future?

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