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User Rights Streamer


According to the Upadte of Helium and Streamer,

I watched ichbeim streamer Rights

The set rights do not have any effect on streamer

Would be nice if this will be adjusted in the next version

It should not synonymous everyone the right to download the music and this with the authorizations


Greetings Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for pointing this out. We will look into this for next release of Helium Streamer. 

From what we can see at the moment, it's only these permissions that currently apply to Helium Streamer:

  • Add/update library
  • Manage users

We have now implemented all access rights that makes sense in Helium Streamer.

The permissions set on a user is shared between Helium and Streamer. Permissions can also be edited on users in Streamer.

These are the permissions currently available in Helium Streamer:

  • Add/Update library
  • Edit tags/album collections (only applies to album collections in Streamer)
  • Manage users
  • Releases view
  • Artists view
  • Labels view
  • Tracks view
  • Playlists view
  • Genres view
  • Years view
  • Statistics view
These features will come in next release together with Helium 13 (within a few weeks).


Is it possible to extend the right one that you can also lock the download

I do not want that also everyone who has access to the music can download


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This has now been added to our todo list. 

We will mark this specific post as implemented since the initially request has been done.

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