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Survey: Folder tree in MyComputer view

We would like to know how many of you that are interested in seeing a folder tree in the My Computer view, something that would replace todays solution with the possibility to select a specific folder to work with.

It is possible to implement but a bit costy in time, meaning if this feature will be elected, we will need to queue some other feature for a later version.

Please let us know about your interest in this feature by marking it with a thumb up and a possible extra comment.

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Well, the way I use that view, I don't see the necessity for a folder tree - though it wouldn't harm.

If this would be easy, I would say: just do it.

But since you said, it would take quite some time, I will stay neutral.

Yes i would like to see a folder tree in my computer view, 

But specialy i would like to see some filters, i have a large collection, and i have my files in a lot of folders

i would like to be able to apply filters so i only can work with the filter selected folder only, i got so use

to this from release 11, in order to effective clean up id tags ect.  i use rel. 11 and 12. every day and are

comparing usefulness and work speed, rel 12 are on its way. Thanks, Keep up the good work.

@Gerner: Possibly you can open a new feature request related to the filters and attach some screenshots so that we can see more in detail what you need? Thanks in advance.

late to this one hope it isn't too late ! would very much like to see a folder tree in my computer view. Gemer suggestion also looks good to me as well.

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