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Survey: Are you using the Global filter?

In this survey we would like to ask you if you are using the global filter or if it would be more valuable to replace it with more specific filters for some specific views.

Please answer with a comment and remember that each vote is important!

Thanks in advance.

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I only use predefined filter for a big list of tracks, when i want to create playlists.

for example:

- is not a remix/cover/intro

- not a live versionĀ 

- is not longer than 5 min

or show missing specific tags like gain/genre to fill it.

But i have to admit not using it very often.

I would weary mouch like to see specefic filter options ex. so i can filter the file folders out in the fanes of

Music Explorer, Releases, Artist, Labels, Tracks,

I use this filters in release.11 all the time to work with smaler chonks of files to make, and clean up id tags, and file names file names to id tags ect., this give me more overview and faster speed.

for my daily work i rearly need this filters...

sample of filter use pics.

@Gerner: It looks like you are using lot's of Libraries and Collections in Helium 11. Libraries and Collections are not available in Helium 12, and will not be because of their performance inefficiency so that specific filter shown in your screenshot is not possible to implement. Sorry. Thanks for the input about the Global filter!

From the results of this survey collected from this thread, Facebook and via mail and support tickets we have decided to most likely remove the Global fiter in our next major release in favour of more view specific filters.

The first view we have started to work with is the Music Explorer which is also being rewritted for better refresh handling, more nodes and most often quicker performance.

The filter will most likely look like this:


More information will follow later during our progress.