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Issue when using filter



HMM12 12.4.14689.0

MariaDB 10.1

Windows 10 actual build

Problem: When the filter gets changed or reset, I can't select an album for playing. I discovered this problem in my current installation as well as in a test installation on another pc. To check if it's dependend on the database I switched to the default database and I imported some "10.000 maniacs" albums

Then I did the following steps (the step number corresponds to the attached pictures)

(1) open the releases view and select the album "The wishing chair" for playing by clicking on (>)

(2) the album appears in the playlist as expected and starts playing

(3) set a filter to select the album "MTV unplugged"

(4) click on (>) doesn't start playing "MTV unplugged", but jumps to the next record of "The whishing chair"

(5) reset the filter

(6) click on (>) of any other album just jumps to the next record of "The wishing chair). It's not possible to select another album for playing

(7) the Music explorer view is empty. No tracks, no albums are shown

Restarting HMM is the only way to solve / overcome this issue

Best regards


Hello Erwin,

We have reproduced this issue and it relates to the usage of the Global filter.

When you apply a global filter, you will constrain your library to only contain the contents matching the specific expression.

There is a bug located, in step 4 but we were not able to reproduce the issues after reseting the global filter in step 5. After the filter was reseted, we could properly see tracks in the Music Explorer.

We will perform further tests to see what we should fix there, but for quicker filtering (simple filters) we recommend you to use the view filters instead since they are more performance effective and has less side effects.

Currently we also have an ongoing survey wether the global filter should remain to exist ot not, since some users finds it cumbersome to use.

You can read more about it from here:

Closed. The global filter is no longer used since Helium 13

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