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Maintain single files


I'm just rebuilding my library.

One thing that didn't really work in the past was the maintenance of single files.

I used to store them in one folder starting with the first letter of the artist.

I.e.: .../music/single/A, .../music/single/B ... and so on.

I want those tracks to be ordered by artist and title but Helium seems to oder by tracknumber by default.

Also I want each track to show it's cover and that they are shown each on it's own (i.e. not bundled as an album).

What's the suggested way to achieve that?

Best regards


Which view in Helium do you mainly use to browse your tracks?

Hi Fredrik,
sorry for the late reply. I usually use the music explorer view.
Best Regards


Could you please provide a screenshot of how it looks in your library and also explain how you would like to view it instead? This will greatly help us in understanding what we can improve.

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