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Scripting development environment (Can I host the references and use VS?)


Is the script host reference available to use outside of the scripting system like a reference for a regular cs console app?  I would love to be able to test some of my code in the environment I am used to.  It looks like it might be but rather than experiment for a few hours I thought I would ask if it's possible at least before trying.


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Hi Joe, The script engine is using a REPL (Read, evaluate, printer, loop) version of c# meaning that the script will be pre-compiled in demand andvthen executed when it is involved. The script host is "owned" by the Helium process which is also responsible for the REPL process. Therefore you cannot use it directly from VS to debug the actual execution. You can use VS to take advance of code-completion, syntax highlighting and similar features. What you can do is to created a mock version of the script host which implements the interfaces hosted by the script engine. Hope this helps.
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