Helium 12.4 build 14731 now available (Updated 2017.08.16)

A new minor update of Helium 12.4 is now available.

It contains the following new major fixes:

  • Click & shift-clicking on columns on a playlist will mark it as dirty
  • Corrections to backup of Sql Server (Express) 2016 databases. Please note that we recommend all our users which are using Sql Server to use version 2016.
  • Possibility to disable saving of play counter to tags (MP3 files)
  • Fixes for remote functions used by the remote apps
  • A new version of Helium Remote for Android
  • Fixes when applying user permissions
  • General bug fixes reported from users

Parallell to the maintance work with Helium 12.4 we have many new features under development. This includes filters per views, a system similar to collection/volumes in Helium 11, a detailed audio joiner and much more. We will present the upcoming features more in detail in a blog post within a few weeks.

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can you give us new resx file for translating? for me slovak :) thank you 

Of course, I have emailed you about a download link.

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WIrd die Aktualisierung der Datenbank auch einmal schneller werden? Gegenüber von Helium 11 ist das abgleichen doch recht langsam. Ansonsten gibt es ein großes Lob!

@Thomas Schmalz: Sorry, we can unfortunately not handle requests in German, Can you please rewrite your query in English?

The updating of the database even faster? Opposite of helium 11 is the match and update but quite slow. Otherwise, there is a big compliment!

This release does not contain any optimizations or such compared earlier Helium 12 builds.

In general the adding speed should be equal or sometimes quicker than in Helium 11, but that depends on your specific database type, number of tracks etc.

If you experience any performance issues you would like us to analyse further, please open a support ticket for this and provide details about your database, number of tracks, operating system, CPU and if possible also a backup of your database.

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