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Remove Root Path always greyed out

Helium 12.4.14711.0 and the previous version too, but the issue didn't exist in the earliest Helium 12 production versions. I want to remove folders listed in the Update Library dialogue box but can't because the Remove Root Path button is always greyed out.

"File > Update Library" shows a list of folders accumulated in the past through using this dialogue to add new music folders -- in my case new albums. But it also includes the real root folder I originally added manually, where all my music is located, and really the only one needed on this list. When I select any one or several of the other folders listed, the album folders, the button "Remove root path" remains greyed out (grayed out). There doesn't appear to be any way to remove folders from this listing. I've also tried doing this with the several checkboxes in this dialogue checked or unchecked, with no effect.

Thanks for your feedback Eric. We will see if we can change this behaviour for our next release.

Update: This WILL be included in our next release and the improvement means that multiple root paths can be removed in one operation.

When the dialog box is first shown, all the items in the listing have the left-side arrow handle, but I've clicked on two of them here, including the item that's selected. That makes them disappear, which shows that they are root items.



Can you try to select the row "O:\EMarXive\Eric's Music\A Tribe Called Red\Suplex" and not just checkmark the checkbox to see if it helps?

Yes, I was able to use your description to "select" a row in the Update Library dialog, which then made available the Remove Root Path button, and allowed me to remove that line. I had to select the row (rather than marking the checkbox) by clicking anywhere on the line to the right of the path text.

This is VERY confusing. There are two types of "selecting" ... by checkbox or by row, and selecting by row is obscure given that the explicit mechanism of a checkbox is offered. I suggest these should be merged, with the checkbox activating the Remove Root Path button, and row "selection" marking the checkbox. Also, that way several rows could be selected to remove all those root paths in one action.

Thank you for identifying the issue and pointing out a workaround. I look forward to the continued improvement of your excellent music manager.


We have tried to reproduce this, unfortunately ith no luck.

The logic to have the button enabled is that one item should be selected and that it should be a root item (e.g. not a child).

Can you share a screenshot of how it looks for you?

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