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Statistics / Tops / --> percentage missing

Tiny error: 

View: Statistics / Tops --> the percentages are missing. Only "∞% of " is shown

Version 12.4.14731.0



(35.8 KB)

Thanks to Erwin we have located this issue and correct it. Build 14735 is now available with this correction and a few others.

Most odd, possibly you can share one of the sample Sql Server Compact databases with me?

Please send me a PM for more info.


I created 2 new databases - MariaDB 10.4 and SQL Server Compact.

But I get the same results.



Thanks for your reply Erwin.

I tried to reproduce it again as described above, still same correct results.

What if you create a new database of the same type you are using and add just a few tracks, will that work?


I can't imagine a database issue. Why not?

a) the shapes (see screenshots with top genres and top artists) are having the right size. I.e., the calculation must be right

b) I downgraded to14696 and guess what happens? The percentage values are shown

c) I updated to 14731 again and ... the values are gone

Please check again. 

Nevertheless, low priority.

if you still like me to share my database, please let me know and I will do so



(220 KB)
(225 KB)

Thanks for your report Erwin.

We have tried to reproduce it with all available database types, but the values are shown properly.

Screenshot from MariaDb:


This value is calculates in runtime, and since it is missing it might relate to some specific database data.

If you would like us to test this further, please share a backup of your datbase with us over a new support ticket.


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