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Using Streamer without user password


I have only one user on my database which doesn't have a password to log in. 

So long there is no password set, I can't log in into the Streamer.

On the login-screen my only user is selected. When I now want to login by leaving the password field empty, I always got the message that my password is not valid.

As soon as I set a password (a simple Space is enough) I can log in.


Is there anyone who can reproduce and confirm this behavior?

I've version with MariaDB.




This is a security feature that is implemented on purpose. We don't allow using the Streamer without setting a password. If you want to avoid entering the password when starting Helium you can click the checkbox to let it remember you, but you will always need to enter a password in order to log in to Helium Streamer.

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Hey Fredrik,

Ah, ok - I didn't knew that this is a desired feature.

Thank you for your fast response!

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