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Editing Tracks - Helium 13 (Build 13.0.14789.0)

Helium 13 - Beta 2 - Build 13.0.14789.0
Database: MariaDB

Audio Files an DB are on the local machine
Local Account that execute Helium 13 has administrator rights

1) Open Music Explorer.

2) Do a custom query where you get a large number of tracks as result. In my case it the query "Tracks without Release Year".
3) Select the Track-View. (Note the total number of shown tracks)

3) Select more then 1750 tracks you want to edit.

4) Press "Strg" + "E" to open the tag editor.

5) Enter the value for the tag field you want to edit.

6) Click on "Edit all" and wait until Helium is ready and the dialog window will disappear.

7) Do the same query form Step 2 again.

8) You will get the same number of tracks as under Step 3. No Track has been updated or edited.

If you do the same steps with a number of tracks less then 1500 it will work without problems and all selected tracks has been updated correct.

Hope you can reproduce this issue. It has no high preference but i think it should be solved.


Thanks for your report Stephan.

We are currently testing it and would like to know if:

1) You have tracks with subtracks that you are trying to tag during this operation?

2) If the changes that does not work relates to a specific file format?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Mikael

[quote]1) You have tracks with subtracks that you are trying to tag during this operation?[/quote]
No, that are not tracks with subtracks

[quote]2) If the changes that does not work relates to a specific file format?[/quote]
The tracks I want to edit are all mp3 files with 128kb bitrate.

please let me know if you need further information.

Thanks Stephan,

We have not yet been able to reproduce this, although we find some problems with updating subtracks, thus I asked about that.

We will continue with our testing to see if we can reproduce the issue as described.

We have now made more tests on this topic.

Our tests uses:

-The most recent internal version of Helium 13 (not yet released)

-A MariaDb

-3395 MP3 files from various folders

The tests were performed like you described earlier:

1) Created a search that returns all tracks

2) Selected all tracks and opened the Tag editor

3) Changed rec. year

4) Applied the changes

Afterwards the track list shows the proper data.

The test was repeated several times with changes to different fields such as mood, rel. year and custom fields.

All tests passed.

What we suggest you to do is to open a support ticket at to get access to our most recent test version and repeat the tests with that version.

Since this seems to be effected by the sheer mass of files, might this be hardware-related?

I'm thinking about RAM-size or free disc-space...

I've never seen this and I have tagged more than 5000 files in one go - but then I have 16GB RAM and usually tons of free space in my %temp% folder.

- Just throwing in my 2 cents.

I have an one year old Dell Precision M3510 with Intel Core i7 and 16GB RAM. Also one 512GB SSD as system disk and one 256GB SSD for the music files. The actually free diskspace you can see in the attachment.

I will take a look, if i can do the same steps in my Helium 12 database and then give a new feedback.

Issue is no longer reproducable by the user therefore we consider it as solved.

If it will reappear please open a new ticket.

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