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Multi-threaded encoding

Well, my 12-thread-CPU is bored as hell when I'm encoding files with Helium 13.

It would be great, if I could set Helium to encode in multiple threads at the same time. This would save me a lot of time...

I would like to set the maximum number of simultaneous threads in options myself.

I'm thinking about a dropdown with numbers from 1 to the max thread-count of the CPU.

Encode as in convert files or CD-Ripper?

If you test the splitter, will that use more cores?

This is about converting - I don't think the CD-Ripper would be a good idea, since you can't securely read multiple tracks from disc at the same time.

I never used the splitter at all, so I gave it a try - and yes it uses all cores.

I recall I made some tests related to this a while ago and some encoders were not happy when running in multiple threads.

We will analyse this further later on to see if it can be applied to all or some specific encoders.

But won't the splitter do the same? Isn't this a simple re-encode with a specified encoder?

The only difference would be, that the splitter uses a single input file for all output files, while the converter uses one input file for each output file - or do I miss something?

This will be implemented in our next release.

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