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Cannot add New Tracks

 Cannot add new tracks to the library, using the top menu or ctrl-insert, as soon as I try the software becomes unresponsive and have to use "task manager" to exit, I am using version 12.4.14760.0 and MSSQL 2016

Can you try to add a single folder wth just a few files to see if it helps?

Also will you get the same behavior with a Sql Server Compact database?

the dialog box doesn't even show up, if music is playing while I attempt the music will continue to play, but after I click add new tracks or ctrl insert nothing within the interface is clickable anymore (play, stop, top menu, artists etc.) i just get the default "Windows Beep" sound. same thing happens with the default SQL server compact.


We have tried to reproduce this behavior on three different machines, unfortunately with no luck. The adding starts and works as it should.

I would suggest you to try a clean install as described here:

If the issue remains after you have performed a clean install, please open a support ticket at and we can assist you further.

Replacing helium.json fixed the issue, that should have my goto solution before contacting you (as many problems I've encountered in the past are related to that file) Thank You, for the assistance.


Good to hear that it got resolved. Thanks for the update.

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