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HMM13 RC, Library view - shows more than expected


HMM13, RC, 13.0.14838

in my example I have two albums from 10CC

1. The Best

2. The Best Of The Early Years

When using the library view and selecting the album "The Best", the album "The Best Of The Early Years" is shown as well (Screenshot 1)

Both albums are stored in different folders on the disk (screenshot 2)

Priority: Minor

Best Regards


(13.3 KB)
(236 KB)

Thanks for your report.

This issue will be fixed in our next release.

If you would like to test it before it is officially out, please open a support ticket from


I'm sorry but it is not fully resolved. It's ok in the "Album artist" view, but not in the "Library" view. See screenshot




here comes the screenshot


Hi Erwin,

Please open a support ticket related to this from

At the moment we are not able to reproduce this, possibly we need a copy of your database to test this in further detail.

Confirmed resolved by the user. The correction will be included in our next hot-fix.

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