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HMM13 RC, Music Explorer - "Album" can't be selected as an additional criteria

 HMM13, RC 13.0.14838


when I try to change a specific view, in my example "Album Artist", it is no longer possible to select "Album" as an additional level. Only "Album Subtitle" or "Album First Letter" can be selected.

In HMM12 it was possible for the views "Artists", "Album Artists", "Releases" etc.

On the other hand it's possible to customize the "User defined 1" view to show "Album artist first letter", "Album Artist", "Album"

In my eyes: When a view can be customized, the selectable fields should be the same accross all views. Right?

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Thanks for your report.

This issue will be fixed in our next release.

If you would like to test it before it is officially out, please open a support ticket from

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