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Cannot start Helium 12 + 13


I like to try HM 13 but it's not possible because Helium is crashing on startup.

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit version 1709 build 16299.125 and freshly downloaded Helium. HMM 11 is working well. HMM 12.4 also have startup problems after changing DB type to MySQL/MariaDB.

Any suggestions?




Have you tried to remove any possible broken settings files as described here?:

 I had same problems from helium 12.4 to 13. Deinstallation Helium 12, deleting all directories behind Imploded Software in C:\user\spec-user\appdata\roaming\imploded software. I deleted data in specified caches from helium.

Then Newinstallation Helium13. Now it works well. (Sorry for my terrible English). I tried my best.


PS I work with windows 7 - 64bit


Closed due to no further information.

If the error remains, please contact us back.

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