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optional new folder structure on file synchronization

 I'm checked the File Synchronization documentation:

which mentions "an optional new folder structure on the destination folder/device." This suggests to me that I have the choice of synchronizing directly to another folder/device - without any change to folder structure / file names.

However, the File Synchronization dialog box insists on an "Output format" syntax, such as "{{artist}}\{{album}}\{{track(2)}} - {{title}}". This will definitely change my folder structure.

Any way to avoid this, and actually synchronize folder/file structure and naming "as-is", without changing the output/structure/naming format?


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This is not supported. Just as in earlier Helium versions you will have to use a folder for creating custom directories and filenames.

A quick solution can be to use the same renaming template as when you rename your files but with a different root folder

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