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File synchronisation

IMHO it has become a file COPY tool instead of file SYNCHRONISATION.

It doesn't take care of already synchronized tracks. It copies ALL tracks again, even if only one was added to the source (playlist)

Am I right?



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Best Answer

This has been resolved and will be included in our next release.

No, that is not correct. 

It will only copy files that differs in time and size (e.g. source file was modified after the destination file).

All files will be iterated and the progress text will show "Copy" even if a file is not copied, mainly to avoid flickering by changing the text between "Copying" and "Processing".

If you have a specific case you think always copies files, please let us know about the exact steps you perform and we can analyse it further.


I tried it with a new playlist and a new target folder. But now HMM crashes. Even with the file synchronization I started half an hour ago. Strange

I've sent a bug report

P.S.: As far as I remember, it worked with the same constellation before the last HMM update ... If you can provide the version before the current update, I will double check it




It seems like you are not using the most recent version, 14923. 

Also, the issue seems related to reading attached pictures for a specific Vorbis file (FLAC or Ogg). Unfortunately I cannot see the exact filename from the crash report.

I will review the exception handling for this, but if you somehow can figure out which specific file it relates to it would be great if you could share it with us so that we can improve the error handling in the tag reading plus see why it raises an exception.


I have mailed you about access to a new test version which:

1) Will handle the exception better

2) Will be able to log the problematic track, which can open up for further analyzing

Please let us know if you would like to have access to that version.

It would be very helpful since it is an issue related to a specific track which makes it hard for us reproducing the exact issue.


please send me the link


Thanks. Will the mail I contacted you from work?
(I cannot share the link in this official forum)


This has been resolved and will be included in our next release.

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