Helium 13 build 14943 now available

With the last few updates (I can't say exactly which build #) when I use the advanced tag editor the tagging works fine, but the big busy circle never goes away--- it just keeps spinning. I can click on a different navigation node to change the view to something else and then go back to other views. Nothing catastrophic, just a bit annoying.

I just tried to reproduce this using three different test machines and some random albums, but unfortunately I cannot force this to happen.

Can you share a screenshot (full view) of how it looks?

Here's the shot of where it gets stuck spinning.

(95.8 KB)

Thanks Walt.

Unfortunately, still no luck reproducing it here.

Can you please let us know about the exact steps you perform when this issue occurs, in a numbered form?

Also, please include information (or even better, a screenshot) about which you show in the artist view, and how the tool is started.

If possible, try to see if you can reprouce the same issue if you create a new database with just a few artists/albums.

Thanks in advance.

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