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Disable upgrade screen nag when opening HMM 12

Is there anyway to disable to nag screen telling me to upgrade to 13.0 when I launch the application? I missed the window to get a free upgrade to 13.0 and it's fairly annoying to have the application telling me to upgrade every time I launch it considering I would need to pay in order to do so. I have been a paid user since around version 8.0 and do plan to upgrade to 13.0 sometime in the future but it would be nice to get the nag screen to go away.


Can you please attach a screenshot of the screen showing up so that we can give you a better answer?

Multiple screens can show up depending on various things, therefore we need to know which exact screen it relates to.



Thanks for the screenshot.

Can you please try to uncheck Options > General > "Enable automatic update checks" to see if it helps?

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