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Too much free space / missing overview

Good day,

although I have tested helium 12 and 13, I still use helium 11, because it is simply clearer.  Example (see attached screenshots): 

Helium 11: Shows 25 tracks in the tracklist and 15 tracks in the active playlist among each other.

Helium 13: Shows 27 tracks in the tracklist and I can only see the active playlist on the right side.


Okay, Helium 13 looks better because it has so much free space between the texts, but Helium 11 is so much more practical and clearer and that's what matters.

Maybe you can add an option to set this? I have already set the font size to their minimum.


Helium 13.PNG
(56.5 KB)
Helium 11.PNG
(84.4 KB)

Thanks for your input regarding this. We will consider if there are any improvements to the interface that can be made in the near future.

Our upcoming build will come with an extra small font mode as well as other improvements such as adding of more panes and rowsize optimizations in lists.

This will lead to that more items can be shown on the screen at the same time.

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