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Artists' AKA handling

I really like he Artist handling in HMM regarding the linkages of groups, group members etc.

The only thing I would like to see improved is the handling of AKAs.

If you enter an AKA, the AKA (artist) is handled as an artist on its own.
It has a artist picture, biography etc. That's fine.

But I would argue that AKAs are just different "names" of the artist. At least this is the meaning of "also known as". So it should not create completely new artist but copy the information.

So if I add "Prince" to my collection with picture, biography etc. and enter the AKA "The Symbol" I would expect that I see Prince's picture, biography etc. when I select "The Symbol".

You could even discuss (but I think this would break the whole idea of helium) that the tracks are merged to both artists... so no, I do not propose this ;-)


It is designed (since long) to work as it does on Discogs. 

Try to search for Prince and check the aliases which can contain different pictures.

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