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Flag for Nationality (minor, nice to have)

Since the graphical representation of HMM is so great maybe we can add flag symbols in artist related views/representations...?

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This is something I have also thought about (even for language), but it's very hard to implement...

First of all, the countries could be represented with different names, depending on the user. (Deutschland vs. Germany vs. l'Allemagne vs. Alemania...)

Then what to do on multiple origins? Some bands like Caugth in the Act are put together from multiple countries...

One way to do this would be to use a "translation-table" the user has to set up himself in options.

"Deutschland" -> "germany.png"

"Niederlande & UK" -> "netherlands+uk.png"

Also it's impossible to implement all flags in a release, there will always be some flags missing ("netherlands+uk.png"), so the user must be able to add them himself, too.

Well, I thought everyone is using English and standards... ;-)
But I see some people would put even "England" instead of "United Kingdom" in there...
... just implement my approach, English ;-D


Well, nowadays I use English for countries and ISO 639-2 codes for languages, but when I started I used German.

And it's neither United Kingdom nor England in my database, it is UK. ;-)

UK?! Then you should go with ISO 3166 -> GBR ;-P


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